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Staffordshire’s New Conservative PCC Sworn into Office

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

Staffordshire’s Chief Constable, Mike Cunningham, with the County’s new PCC Matthew Ellis

Staffordshire’s new Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) was sworn into office at a ceremony held today in Stafford.

Conservative Matthew Ellis has taken over from the police authority and will be responsible for setting the police budget and priorities.  He won the poll last Thursday in a turnout of 11.6%, the lowest in the country.

The ceremony took place at the force headquarters at Weston Road in Stafford on Wednesday.  Mr Ellis swore to an oath of impartiality, which was written by the Home Office for the occasion.

During the ceremony, Mr Ellis said he was “immensely disappointed with the turnout and lack of public interest.”

He said, “I think it was quite understandable with people not knowing what this new position is about and having some real concerns.  Those concerns don’t have grounds but I understand why the independence of the police service is so important to people.”

Mr Ellis said he had a three-year plan to “increase the visibility of policing” in the county.

“People want the reassurance of seeing more coppers about and I think we can do that within the financial envelope we have got,” he said.