Election 2014 Conservative Candidates

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Conservative Party candidates for the 2014 Tamworth Borough Council election


Amington – Cllr John Garner

Belgrave – Mrs Joy Goodall

Bolehall – Alastair Whitby

Castle – Cllr Allan Lunn

Glascote – Roy Rogers

Mercian – Cllr Michael Greatorex

Spital – John Chesworth

Stonydelph – Francis Worrall

Trinity – Michael Oates

Wilnecote – Cllr Tina Clements


If you have an issue you want them to deal with, contact them by phone 01827 57156 or by email


3,750 Cars Behind Bars in Staffordshire Thanks to Conservative PCC

Friday, April 17th, 2015

cars behind barsOver 3,750 vehicles have been seized by Staffordshire Police officers in a landmark crackdown on car insurance dodgers thanks to the county’s Conservative Party elected PCC.

Behind Bars was instigated by Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis and has proved popular with people across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

The campaign carried out by Staffordshire Police has seen 3,772 cars, vans, motorcycles, mopeds, lorries and even a tractor seized – with over 1,200 vehicles scrapped – since it was launched in May 2013.

More than 70 higher-value uninsured vehicles have been sold off at auction with the proceeds going back into local communities in Staffordshire.

The number of car insurance dodgers in Staffordshire is being driven down as the crackdown gathers pace. Annual figures released by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau show there were an estimated 1,214 fewer uninsured vehicles on the road in Staffordshire in 2014 compared to 2013.

Mr Ellis said, “The crackdown on insurance dodgers remains far and away the most popular thing raised with me by people I’ve spoken to across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

“Over 3,750 people have had to learn their lesson the hard way thanks to tremendous work by officers from Staffordshire Police, which has really gained momentum in recent months.  It’s clear that the message is hitting home as the number of insured motorists on Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent roads has risen significantly.

“Those who drive without insurance can’t hide in Staffordshire, they are being caught and dealt with by having their vehicles seized and, in many cases, scrapped or sold at auction.  It’s definitely struck a chord with law-abiding motorists who are hit by rising premiums because of these law-breakers.  Why should all pay more because some people don’t pay at all?”

Some of the vehicles seized since the campaign launched can be viewed

Cars Behind Bars uses Staffordshire’s extensive automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system that identifies those flouting the law.

The fixed penalty fine for people who are caught without insurance was increased nationally from £200 to £300 in 2013.  Motorists also face their car being seized, could be summoned to court and be disqualified, and an endorsement of six penalty points. Drivers re-claiming their car when they have proof of insurance have to pay £150 car recovery costs plus £20 per day storage.


Local MEP to Lead on Consumer Affairs

Friday, April 17th, 2015
Daniel Dalton MEP

Daniel Dalton MEP

Daniel Dalton MEP has been named Conservative  in the European Parliament.

The West Midlands MEP will lead for the Party on issues such as trading standards, product safety, fake goods and fair business practice.

Mr Dalton said, “I am proud to be handed this important portfolio, an area which affects people’s lives directly at home in the West Midlands and right across Europe.  My priority will be to make sure consumers and traders get a fair deal, wherever they are and whether they do business face to face or online.

“I also want this approach to be balanced with common sense in the EU.  Over-zealous regulation only ends up punishing the consumers it is supposed to protect, either by skewing competition or restricting choice.  The healthiest approach to consumer protection is to make sure shoppers get all the information they need to make an informed choice – then let them decide how they spend their money.

“However, where products are downright dangerous we must act to take them out of circulation.  In fact Conservative MEPs have already achieved notable successes by banning harmful toys and changing design regulations to prevent some household fittings such as window blinds becoming death-traps for infants.

“I want to build on those achievements, because consumer confidence is not only good for the public but also essential to a prospering economy. Unless people feel safe from sharks and rip-off merchants, they will not have the confidence to part with their hard earned cash.”


Conservative Led Government Increases Tax-Free Allowances from Today

Monday, April 6th, 2015

cashToday is the start of the new 2015/16 tax year in the UK and all tax-free personal allowances are increasing thanks to the Conservative led Government.

The tax-free personal allowances are increasing from £10,000 to £10,600.  This will also be the first year people born between 6th April 1938 and 5th April 1948 will have the same allowance as working age people, as their allowance has only risen by £100.

The higher rate (40%) tax threshold is increasing to £42,385 and the starting rate of income tax on savings will be cut from 10% to 0% on savings income of up to £5,000.

The new couple’s allowance means people who are married or in a civil partnership can transfer up to £1,060 of their tax-free allowance to their partner, but only if both partners don’t pay more than the basic rate of income tax.

Also, the married couple’s allowance, which is only available if one partner was born before 6th April 1935, is increased to a maximum of £8,355 and a minimum of £3,220.


George Osborne Hails Pension Change Revolution

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

George Osborne MPMajor changes to UK pension rules come into force at midnight, in what Chancellor George Osborne has called “a revolution”.

He said the moves were the “biggest changes to pensions in 100 years”.

People aged 55 and over will be given new powers to decide what to do with their retirement savings.  From Easter Monday, they can cash in Defined Contribution (DC) pension savings. But there have been warnings about potentially big tax bills.

Mr Osborne told Sky’s Murnaghan programme, “What it means is that people who have worked hard and saved hard can have access to their pensions savings.”

He also urged people to make use of the government’s guidance scheme.  The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) will run the Pension Wise guidance service for those approaching retirement.

Pension savers will no longer be required to use their pension pot to buy an annuity when they approach retirement. Some 540,000 people will be able to take control of their savings from 6 April, according to the government.

Pension changes 2015

  • People aged 55 and over can withdraw any amount from a Defined Contribution (DC) scheme, subject to income tax
  • Tax changes make it easier to pass pension savings on to descendants
  • Many people with Defined Benefits (DB) schemes will be allowed to transfer to DC plans
  • All retirees will have access to free guidance from the government’s Pension Wise service
  • Existing annuity holders are unaffected for the time being, but there are plans for them to be able to sell their annuity

Conservative Party Launches 2015 Election Campaign in Tamworth

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

TV Debate Shows It Was Clear: Competence or Chaos

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

ITV debateLast night’s TV debate confirmed what we already knew: the choice at this election is between the competence of a Conservative government or the chaos of Ed Miliband propped up by the SNP.

Time and time again, Nicola Sturgeon showed how the SNP would dominate a weak Labour leader – at one stage, she even promised to keep Ed Miliband ‘honest’.

By contrast, we saw competence and strong leadership from David Cameron, the only leader with a clear plan to secure a better future for Britain.

And that plan is working – we’ve seen 1,000 new jobs every single day this Government has been in office; we’ve cut income tax for over 26 million people, helping them keep more of the money they earn; we’ve cut the deficit by half as a share of our economy and will get back in the black in the next Parliament so Britain can once again live within its means.

We are building a strong economy so we can secure the future of everyone in our country – whether that’s by investing in our NHS, giving our children a good education or looking after the elderly in our society.

Tonight made it clearer than ever: that we have to keep on working through the plan and not go back to more debt, more taxes and more waste – all the things that got us into a mess to start with.


Town Turns Out to Say Farewell to a True Gentleman

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015
Cllr Alan ‘Chippy’ Lees BEM

Cllr Alan ‘Chippy’ Lees BEM

Family, friends and residents of Tamworth filled St Editha’s Church yesterday to say farewell to Alan “Chippy” Lees BEM.

At the start of the service, current and former politicians from across Tamworth’s political divide formed a guard of honour for former Castle ward Cllr “Chippy” Lees who passed away on Monday 23rd February.

St Editha’s Church was filled with both tears and laughter as the tributes to Chippy flowed.  Revd Ray Khan told the packed congregation how Chippy used to sit at the back of the church and say keep the sermons and hymns short, he also Chippy was in the same in council meetings.

Revd Khan said Chippy told him, “If you have nothing to say, don’t say anything.”  He also said Chippy was once sat in a council meeting that was going on and on and he stood up and said, “Mr Mayor, can you please hurry up and end this meeting or I will leave, because my dinner will be cold.”

Revd Khan talked about Chippy’s love for judo and how on one occasion in Tamworth’s Castle grounds, some young people had music blasting away.  Chippy asked them to turn the music down and was greeted with abuse and one young man stood up and said, “What are you going to do about it?” Chippy then used his 4th dan black belt in judo and both the young man and the ghetto blaster ended up in the River Anker.

Revd Khan then said to the congregation, “If Chippy was your sensei, stand up now” and the church was filled with people standing in tribute.

Following the church service, Chippy was laid to rest in Wigginton Road cemetery at a private family service.

Chippy Lees was a true gentleman who was proud to live in Tamworth and represent his neighbours and friends on Tamworth Borough Council and he will be sorely missed.


Message from David Cameron

Monday, March 30th, 2015

David Cameron 02Five years ago, millions of people were unemployed, there was no economic security for our families and there were worries about whether our country could pay its debt.

Britain was on the brink.

Five years later, because of our long-term economic plan and the difficult decisions we have taken, we have more people in work than at any time in our history, living standards are on the rise and we are more economically secure.

Of course we haven’t fixed everything, but Britain is back on its feet again.

1000 jobs are being created every single day. 760,000 more businesses have started up.

Last year our economy grew faster than any other major advanced economy in the world – meaning more people getting that job offer and more families hopeful of a better future.

This election also takes place at a time when the world is dangerous and uncertain.

So we need strong leadership to safeguard our national security as well as our economic security.

That’s why in 38 days’ time, Britain faces a stark choice.

You can choose an economy that grows, that creates jobs, that generates the money to ensure a properly funded and improving NHS – as well as a Government that will cut taxes for 30 million hardworking people.

Or you can choose the economic chaos of Ed Miliband’s Britain – over £3000 in higher taxes for every working family to pay for more welfare and out-of-control spending. Debt will rise and jobs will be lost as a result.

Ed Miliband pays lip service to working people while planning to hike taxes and increase debt.

After five years of effort and sacrifice, Britain is on the right track. This election is about moving forward – and as Prime Minister, that is what I will deliver.

Thank you,

David Cameron


Conservatives Win Key Free Trade Vote in Brussels

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

EU USA free trade agreementWest Midlands Conservative MEP Daniel Dalton, lead negotiator for the ECR Group on the Internal Market Committee (IMCO), has lauded Conservative victories in a key vote on the proposed free trade deal with the USA.

IMCO members voted to endorse key Conservative objectives, backing a comprehensive agreement that protects investors, without limiting the scope of a deal before negotiations have even seriously begun.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership has huge potential to deliver significant economic growth and new jobs to the UK, with independent analysis estimating that removing existing barriers to trade, including tariffs, regulatory differences and market access limitations, will deliver as much as £10 billion annually to the UK economy.

After the vote, Mr Dalton said, “This vote signifies that the European Parliament is serious about negotiating a free trade deal with the United States.  A comprehensive agreement with America will deliver jobs and growth to the UK, you cannot achieve that if investors don’t feel safe, and if options are taken off the negotiating table too early, so I welcome today’s result.”


Christopher Pincher Announces “Best Tamworth” Competition Winners

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015
Chris Pincher MP with Jenny Humphries and Kate Casey of The Kitchen café in Marmion Street Tamworth

the overall winners Jenny Humphries and Kate Casey of The Kitchen café in Marmion Street Tamworth

Local MP, Christopher Pincher, has announced Tamworth’s best pub, restaurant, shop and market stall as votes for by the public.

Tamworth’s best pub, restaurant, shop and market stall as votes for by the public has been announced by local MP, Christopher Pincher.

Mr Pincher asked local residents to vote in his quest to find the best and most popular traders in the town.

Local shops, pubs, restaurants and market stalls were each given bundles of voting papers to give to their customers to vote.  The poll was also run online and hundreds of local people got involved.

Mr Pincher said, “We have many wonderful and unique independent retailers, restaurants and market stalls here in Tamworth and in our surrounding villages.  I believe it is important that we celebrate and support our local traders so they are here for generations to come.  That is why I ran our own “Best Local Shops, Restaurants and Market Stalls 2015” campaign.”

There were four categories for people to vote on –best pub, restaurant, shop and market stall.

Each category winner receives a certificate and a one-hour e-commerce session with Product Nation.  There is also a special prize for the most votes across all categories and that winner will also receive a £50 voucher for printing and design from The Printing Shed printing company.

The competition closed on 20th March with a final flurry of votes before they were all counted.

The winners of each category are:

  • Pub: Ubar, Church Street
  • Restaurant: The Kitchen Café, Marmion Street
  • Independent shop: Mercian News, Victoria Road
  • Market stall: J L Fruit

The overall winner, the trader who got the most votes, is The Kitchen on Marmion Street.

Mr Pincher added, “This competition was very closely fought and many businesses and residents came back to my office for nomination forms again and again.  I am really pleased so many businesses took part and I thank them all.  I would like to congratulate the winners and especially the overall winner The Kitchen, just down the road from my office.”

The winners will receive their certificates and winners prizes shortly.

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