IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ: This website was created before 3rd May 2017, therefore any reference to Christopher Pincher being an MP is now redundant. Christopher Pincher is not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election on 8th June, he is now the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Tamworth. 



Welcome to the Tamworth Conservative Association Website

Tamworth Conservative Association is made up of many members across the area and aims to build a better Tamworth Constituency by promoting the Conservative cause.

The Association has the responsibility for supporting and raising funds for our Parliamentary candidate, Christopher Pincher, as well as Conservative candidates in Local and County Council elections .

With an active social calendar, suitable for all ages, Tamworth Conservatives organize a wide range of activities from pub quizzes to formal dinners and drinks receptions.

We invite you to join us at any time throughout the year.

To learn more about membership and what we do please contact us or you can join immediately online by clicking here.

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Sunday, March 12th, 2017

Tamworth’s Conservatives Celebrate Burns Night

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Wine Champion Anthea Leads “Cheers” for British Fizz

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Anthea McIntyre MEP

Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre is backing a bid to have “British Fizz” made a protected name under EU rules.

The United Kingdom Vineyard Association is applying for protected geographical indication (PGI) status for the term.  It would mean that only winemakers growing grapes in the UK and making sparkling wine using the traditional bottle-fermentation method would be able to use the description British Fizz on their labels.

The application also covers similar potential names including BritFizz, GB Fizz and British Bubbly.  British winemakers, despite winning plaudits around the world, have struggled to find a recognised name for their sparkling wines.

Now a New York bar owner has coined the name British Fizz for the sparkling wine he sells – and the term has won the thumbs up from English producers.

Miss McIntyre, MEP for the West Midlands, is herself partner in a small Herefordshire vineyard and has been named a champion of English and Welsh wine.

She said, “I am delighted we are going for PGI status for these wonderful wines.  Our producers have shown we are as good and better than the Proseccos and Cavas of this world and even many Champagnes.

“Our bubbly deserves just the same respect, recognition and protection from inferior imitations.  English and Welsh wine is fast gaining a global reputation and British Fizz is among the best in the world.”

Happy New Year from the Prime Minister

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

The New Year is a time to reflect on what has passed and to look ahead to the opportunities to come. And this year, as I consider all that 2017 has in store, I believe those opportunities are greater than ever.

For we have made a momentous decision and set ourselves on a new direction. And if 2016 was the year you voted for that change, this is the year we start to make it happen.

I know that the referendum last June was divisive at times. I know, of course, that not everyone shared the same point of view, or voted in the same way. But I know too that, as we face the opportunities ahead of us, our shared interests and ambitions can bring us together.

We all want to see a Britain that is stronger than it is today. We all want a country that is fairer so that everyone has the chance to succeed. We all want a nation that is safe and secure for our children and grandchildren.

These ambitions unite us, so that we are no longer the 52% who voted Leave and the 48% who voted Remain, but one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future.

So when I sit around the negotiating table in Europe this year, it will be with that in mind – the knowledge that I am there to get the right deal – not just for those who voted to Leave – but for every single person in this country.

Of course, the referendum laid bare some further divisions in our country – between those who are prospering, and those who are not; those who can easily buy their own home, send their children to a great school, find a secure job, and those who cannot; in short, those for whom our country works well, and those for whom it does not.

This is the year we need to pull down these barriers that hold people back, securing a better deal at home for ordinary, working people.

The result will be a truly united Britain, in which we are all united in our citizenship of this great nation; united in the opportunities that are open to all our people; and united by the principle that it is only your talent and hard work that should determine your future.

After all, it is through unity that our people have achieved great things: through our precious union of nations – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; through our union of people – from sports teams to armed forces; businesses to charities; schools to hospitals; and, above all, through our union of communities and families.

Of course, it isn’t just big, global events that define a year – it is the personal things.

2017 might be the year you start your first job or buy your first home. It might be the year your children start school or go off to university, or that you retire after a lifetime of hard work.

These things – life’s milestones – are the things that bind us, whoever we are.

As the fantastic MP Jo Cox, who was so tragically taken from us last year, put it: ‘We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.’

We have a golden opportunity to demonstrate that – to bring this country together as never before, so that whoever you are, wherever you live, our politics, economy and society work for you, not just a privileged few.

So as we look ahead to a year of opportunity and unity, let me wish you and your family a peaceful, prosperous and happy New Year.

Theresa May
Prime Minister

Happy Birthday Tamworth Conservative Association, 20 Years Old Today

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Tamworth Conservative Association is celebrating its 20th year today.

The new Association was formed on 1st January 1997 following changes to the local Parliamentary Constituency brought in by the Boundary Commission on the same day.

Tamworth had previously been part of the South East Staffordshire Constituency, however, following boundary changes that included Whittington village moving to the Lichfield Constituency, South East Staffordshire Constituency was renamed Tamworth and South East Staffordshire Conservative Association, which ceased on 31st December 1996, was replaced by newly formed Tamworth Conservative Association.

The last 20 years have been momentous for the Tamworth Conservative Association in many ways, we again have a Conservative MP representing the Constituency, Christopher Pincher, and today the Conservative Party controls 4 councils covering the Tamworth constancy compared with none in 1997. Staffordshire County Council, Lichfield District Council, Tamworth Borough Council and Fazeley Town Council are all again controlled by the Conservative Party.

Staffordshire’s first elected Police and Crime Commissioner, which controls policing in the Tamworth Constituency, is also a Conservative Party member.

Here is to the next 20 years.

Happy New Year from Tamworth’s Conservatives

Sunday, January 1st, 2017