Conservative Policy Forum

The objective of Tamworth’s C.P.F. is to help to get the voice of local members heard at Ministerial level and keep you informed of any feedback in order that we can make a difference to all of our futures.


So what does the C.P.F. mean to you?

C.P.F. makes clear to every Conservative Party member that no matter whom you are, where you live, or what your experience of politics is, in our Party you will have a strong voice about the issues that matter for Britain – and your voice will be heard and will count.

To bring this point home, we need, as an Association/Party, to look ahead to the future challenges that Britain will face in 2016, 2020 and beyond.  That’s where we come in, thanks to the new C.P.F. structure there’s a straight-line which goes from our constituency to Conservative Ministers in Government.  With just one email or conversation in our constituency, our ideas could be on their way to Whitehall.


What are the aims of the C.P.F.?

The Conservative Party’s Program for Government and Departmental Business Plans set out a clear agenda for this Government.

  • Build for the long-term
  • Shift power to the people


How do C.P.F. groups work?

  • Groups contribute to the campaigning strength of the Association by encouraging new members
  • Our Group will meet throughout the year at locations to be identified, at regular intervals and in an informal manner so that we all enjoy the event
  • We will try to encourage our communities to discuss their ideas at our events and help grow our Association


Topics for discussion

Topics for discussion & Feedback can be found at the following link:-


Current debate to discuss

Future subjects and further updates/feedback on topics along with dates and venues of meetings will be sent out.


Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in Tamworth’s Conservative Policy Forum please contact our C.P.F. Officer @