Conservative Future

Conservative Future

Conservative Future seeks to represent, organise and involve all members and volunteers of the Conservative Party in Tamworth under the age of thirty.

CF represents the demographic of Conservatives who will go on to become the future of the party. We always endeavor to fulfill our aims of;

  • Involving young people in politics
  • Creating a friendly and active social environment based around the party
  • Helping our Conservative councillors and candidates campaign for elections
  • Recruiting new members

We are always searching for new people to join our group of friendly, dedicated and hardworking members, and for under 23’s it’s only £5 a year. We always appreciate new members and strive to include them in activities and events.

Getting involved in Conservative Future

Conservative Future is all about making friends of a like mind, and we love to take part in social events. The other side of CF is campaigning and not only is this a great way to learn about politics and the nature of the campaign on ‘the front lines’ but it’s also the best way to meet and get to know our Councillors and our Member of Parliament, whilst also giving them a helping hand.

Conservative Future is a thriving organisation across the country and a valuable asset to the constituency and is the best way to learn about politics; by getting in the thick of it.

For inquiries, contact CF Chairman George Fergusson at:

To sign up go to: