Elected Councillors

The Conservative Party in Tamworth has elected councillors at all levels of local government and is currently in control of four local councils; Staffordshire County Council (4 councillors), Lichfield District Council (10 councillors), Tamworth Borough Council (16 councillors) and Fazeley Town Council (8 councillors).

Staffordshire County Council

Lichfield Rural East – Alan White (Cabinet Member for Health, Care and Wellbeing)
Lichfield Rural South – David Smith
Tamworth – Perrycrofts – Ben Adams (Cabinet Member for Learning and Skills)
Tamworth – Watling South – Michael Greatorex

Lichfield District Council

Bourne Vale – Brian Yeates
Fazeley – Olivia Shepherd
Little Aston and Stonnall – Elizabeth Hassall
Little Aston and Stonnall – Joseph Powell
Mease Valley – Ashley Yeates
Shenstone – David Salter

Tamworth Borough Council

Amington – Martin Summers
Amington – Michelle Thurgood (Portfolio Holder for Housing & Waste Management)
Belgrave – Richard Ford
Belgrave – Joy Goodall
Belgrave – Simon Goodall
Castle – Steven Claymore (Portfolio Holder for Economy and Education)
Castle – Allan Lunn (Deputy Mayor)
Castle – Peter Thurgood
Mercian – Michael Greatorex
Mercian – Andrew James
Mercian – Richard Kingstone
Spital – Robert Pritchard (Deputy Leader & Portfolio Holder Operations and Assets)
Spital – John Chesworth
Spital – Maureen Gant (Mayor)
Stonydelph – Stephen Doyle (Portfolio Holder for Communities and Public Health)
Trinity – Danny Cook (Leader of the Council)
Trinity – Jeremy Oates
Trinity – Michael Oates
Wilnecote – Tina Clements
Wilnecote – Roy Rogers

Fazeley Town Council

Brian Hoult (Town Mayor)
Sam Kingstone (Deputy Mayor)
Jean Dann
Debbie James
Gwen Kingslake
Cindy Rogers

Evelyn Rowe
Olivia Shepherd